Creating a hugul trench for Jerusalem artichokes

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If you keep up with the latest musings on the permies forum you will definitely see Jerusalem artichokes brought up in various discussions. These amazing little tubers provide a tasty root vegetable as well as gorgeous flowers that resemble sunflowers. They are also supposed to be super easy to grow! After perusing my garden area I decided to prep the area directly behind my fence for a spring planting.

To retain water and add fertility I decided to create a hugul trench to support my tubers. After a day of digging I had a couple of nice looking 2’ - 3’ deep trenches ready to be hugul’ed:


I filled both trenches with a variety of wood types and topped it off with manure, leaves and grass clippings. My Jerusalem artichokes will go in after the last frost date hits and I’m looking forward to adding another perennial edible crop to our property. Yumbo!