My first year growing asparagus

Me and my wife got the gardening bug last year and have been trying to grow as many of our vegetables as possible. We both enjoy asparagus, so I decided to try starting some this year. We started off with a 6′ x 2′ bed that was roughly 18″ deep. I filled the bottom 8″ of the bed with rotted wood, and then covered that with leaves and compost. Next I added 2″ of soil and placed my Jersey Knight asparagus crows on top of the soil spaced roughly 8″ – 12″ apart. I covered them with 4″ of compost, added some azomite and them watered the bed really well.

This past week while I was looking over the garden I noticed my first spears popping through:


Boy this is awesome! We won’t be able to harvest any asparagus for a few years but it appears we are on the right path. Yippie!