Why don't people grow more fruit trees?

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This question has peaked my mind for several years now. Is it because of laziness? Not sure what to grow? “I don’t have a green thumb” syndrome? Too hard? I’m heard all of these answers from my friends and it’s unfortunate that more people don’t add fruit trees to their property. They produce fruit. They look gorgeous in bloom. And numerous varieties provide AMAZING landscape value.

I’ve been adding fruit trees and bushes to our property for the past several years. It’s amazing how easy fruit trees are to grow and there is NOTHING better than biting into a piece of fruit that was just picked! This past year I was blown away by our 2-year old nectaplum. It produced 30 - 40 pieces of fruit and that was after we thinned a TON of fruit! Just look at these scrumptious things:


I’ve done little to nothing to this tree and it still thanked me with these yummy treats! Next year will hopefully be a bumper year for fruit production and I’ll try to chronicle our growing experiences here. Hopefully by showing folks how easy it is to grow fruit trees we can get a few more planted. Bon appetite!