Creating a planting container from an old stump

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In my quest to build a homestead on a budget I’m always looking to re-purpose stuff. Several months ago on our way home from dinner we saw the remains of a tree our neighbors had cut down. The tree was hollowed out at the base and I thought it would make an awesome flower pot. So we tossed the stump into our trunk and took it home.

The next day after inspecting it I noticed that the insides were filled with some nasty gik. So I filled it with wood and dry leaves and set it on fire. The inside of the stump burned for a couple of hours which hopefully killed whatever disease was resident. The stump was then rolled into the orchard and filled with soil. Here’s what it looks like now:


We added a few ice plants to the front and attempted to grow butterfly weed in the back. The butterfly weed never took but the ice plants thrived in the pot. This spring we will keep an eye out for some drought tolerant perennials on the discount rack to finish it off.