My goals for 2017

2016 was an incredibly productive year for our homestead. I got a ton done but there is definitely more to do! Here is what I want to get knocked out in 2017:

Plant more fruit trees:
– 1x Winblo Peach tree
– 1x Challenger Peach tree
– 1x China Pearl Peach Tree
– 1x Korean Giant Oriental Pear tree
– 1x Au Rubrum Plum tree
– 1x Emerald Beaut Plum tree
– 1x Williams Pride Apple tree
– 1x Rubinette Apple tree
– 1x Sunflower Paw Paw tree
– 1x Shenandoah Paw Paw tree
– 1x Chicago Fig tree
– 2x Goumi Berry bushes
– 1x Anna Kiwi

Hands on projects:
– Build a large strawberry bed
– Create 1/2″ drip irrigation meshes for my hugul beds
– Connect underground PVC lines to 1/2″ drip meshes
– Install permanent treated 2×2 trellises for tomatoes and peppers

Plant more perennials:
Plant Jerusalem Artichokes
– Plant a mixture of ever bearing and June bearing strawberries
– Re-work our perennial flower bed
– Plant a hedge of fragrant Osthmanus bushes

I’m sure I’m missing things but this is a decent start. Having a list to work off of is always handy and ensures that nothing gets lost.

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